OBSKURA FILM EVENT: Screening of rare and unpublished Latvian horror film The Spider


The Spider (Zirneklis, 1991, directed by Vasili Mass) could be one of the rarest gems in Latvian national film heritage. Despite its cinematic qualities and historical relevance, this film, made in the turning point of Latvian history, remained unpublished and largely unavailable for the wide audience.

Next Friday, cinema theatre K.Suns together with Obskura will offer the opportunity for the film lovers to enjoy the uncut version of the film, that will be screened for the first time with Latvian and English subtitles.

The film revolves around a young girl, Vita, whom the artist Albert chooses as a model for a portrait of Virgin Mary. After the first posing session, Vita starts having visions and nightmares about being pursued by disgusting giant spider, and the boundary between the fantasy and the reality fades.


The Spider combines elements of exploitation and arthouse cinema and constantly balances between sleaze and macabre eminence. The film is clearly influenced by European cinema movements, mostly Polish New Wave, as well as is close to Jean Cocteau’s poetic vision of Beauty and the Beast fairy tale. At the same time, the film acted as a mirror for the unstable state of collective consciousness after the collapse of the USSR, as well as its spectacularity appealed to basic instincts of the ex-Soviet information-hungry viewer.

The Spider will be screened on August 29 in K.Suns (Elizabetes 83/85, Riga, Latvia).

When buying tickets online ticket price 3.60 euro, at the entrance on the day of the event – 4 euros.

18+ event.

Information and contacts: obskura@obskura.co.uk, +371 29 608 555

Tickets: http://www.zirneklis.com

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