SLOVO Festival Film Screenings – March 22-23

slovo5_logo_whiteJoin us this weekend for the two film screenings organised by Academia Rossica as part of Slovo – the annual Russian literature festival in London:



directed by Viktor Ginzburg

(In Russian with English subtitles)

Saturday 22 March, at 7 pm
The May Fair Hotel Theatre
Tickets: £10 – Book Here >>

Critically acclaimed director, Viktor Ginzburg, will be introducing his hugely popular and highly praised adaptation of Viktor Pelevin’s ‘Generation P’. Comedy, tragedy, historical epic – this compelling drama charts the rise of a poet-turned-copywriter in post-Soviet Russia’s nascent advertising business, where he becomes the chief creative force in the virtual world of politics.

The film explores man’s identity in the modern, branded world, erasing the boundary between the real and the virtual to reveal the absurdities of the world we live in today.



directed by Roman Liberov

(In Russian with English subtitles)

Sunday 23 March | 5 pm
The May Fair Hotel Theatre
Tickets: £5 – Book here >>

This documentary/animation film celebrates the lives of the much loved Soviet authors Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov. Most popular for their two satirical novels, ‘The Twelve Chairs’ (1928) and its sequel ‘The Little Golden Calf’ (1931), the writing of this literary duo is characterised by their playful and irreverent humour which usually revealed the absurdities of Soviet reality.

The creator of the film will join us to talk about the inspiration behind this film and his other animated documentaries about Russian writers – Brodsky, Dovlatov, and Olesha, among others.


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