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Hell as seen by Estonians: Põrgu (1983)

Põrgu (Hell) is an Estonian animation film by Rein Raamat, Tallinnfilm, 1983. So grotesque and sexual, this animation brings to life three infernally beautiful engravings –  “The Preacher“, “Cabaret” and “Hell” – created by the Estonian artist Eduard Viiralt in the early 1930s.

Both the engravings and the animation film were created in the time of great uncertainties: in the 1930s Viiralt was reacting to the anticipation of the War; in the 1980s Raamat was having a presentiment of the chaos the USSR’s collapse would bring about. Both Raamat´s and Viiralt´s artworks depict a feast in the time of plague, indulging in surrealistically satirical representations of people’s vices. Enjoy these obscure masterpieces of Estonian art, that undoubtedly deserve more attention than it was given to them.


The Preacher





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  1. bob

    I watched the Porgu video just recently, and i gotta say its something id never seen in my life. its very interesting, especially the engravings of people. if your religious (Christian), then this really hits a spot in ya. i am christian and i just feel the fear….

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