When Gorbachev came out as a fan of Twin Peaks


It appears that the last General Secretary of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev was a big fan of American cult TV series Twin Peaks and, using his channels, was trying to find out who killed Laura Palmer. This incident is described in a book by writer and journalist Brad Dukes, an excerpt of which was published by musician Ryan Walsh via Twitter.

Jules Haimovitz, who supervised the writing of the script for Twin Peaks, is quoted in the passage. According to him, one day a colleague phoned him and asked: “Who killed Laura Palmer?”. Haimovitz called David Lynch and asked him the same question, but the director replied that he could not say. The colleague continued to insist that it is very important to find out who is the murderer of Laura Palmer. In the end it turned out that the question came from US President George H. W. Bush. The President tried to find out about the plot twist for Mikhail Gorbachev, who started following the series.

Having realised that, Haimovitz called Lynch again, explained the situation and promised that his answer will be kept in secret. “It was then that I realised that David has no idea who killed Laura Palmer” – concluded Haimovitz.

The two seasons of the Twin Peaks TV series aired in 1990-1991. It was broadcasted on Russian television shortly after. The murder mystery that puzzled Gorbachev takes place in the fictional American town of Twin Peaks, and revolves around the murder of a young school girl Laura Palmer.

In October Mark Frost and David Lynch announced the return of the show for the third season. And now we now who’s most excited about it.

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