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USSR-Cuba flirt results in campy music videos

“Cuba, My Love” (Куба – любовь моя) is a song, composed in the height of USSR-Cuba friendship and hilariously visualised in this clip.

This musical number was featured in the end of pantomime performance “Carnival on Cuba”, directed by Mark Mestechkin and staged in Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in 1962. “Carnival on Cuba” was an attempt to poetically tell a story of the Cuban Revolution with the means of circus art, pantomime, ballet and music.

The guy with a rifle and a fake beard is Iosif Kobzon, back then just a Soviet showbiz newbie, now a renowned crooner with a bunch of titles, honours and awards.


Iosif Kobzon today

As for me, the dance sequence in the second half of this video with its shot composition and camera movements, is clearly inspired by the 1950s Hollywood musicals. So, as you can see, although Soviets liked to praise Cuba in songs, in technical matters they preferred to look up to America.

Communism versus capitalism

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