Creepy and erotic Russian film posters of the Imperial era

Venchal ikh Satana

Married by Satan (1917)

Director: Viacheslav Viskovskii

A witch helps Elena to bewitch a beloved man, and Satan marries them. Later, Elena falls in love with another man, and, again thanks to the witch, her husband dies, and Elena marries her new darling. However, the ghost of her late husband haunts her and she, not being able to stand it, dies herself.

Only 23 minutes of the film preserved, but, according to production notes, the film had numerous creepy and daring elements, including Satan in the disguise of a priest conducting a wedding ritual.



Abyss (1916)

Vladislav Lenchevskii

Inspired by Denmark’s Nordisk films, Abyss is a tragic story of love and deceit in which the main heroine ends up drowning herself.



Sin (1916)

Yakov Protazanov and Georgii Azagarov

Sin, co-directed with Azagarov, is considered to be part of Protazanov’s “demonic” dramas period, which also includes his more famous films Satan Triumphant (1917) and The Queen of Spades (1916). All these films were made in collaboration with Joseph Ermoliev, producer and a prominent figure in Russian cinema industry of the Imperial era.


  1. The poster of Married by Satan is by Georgi Alexeev, according to this page:

    • Obskura

      It is indeed, so the poster says! 😉

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