OBSKURA FILM EVENT: Bed and Sofa (1927): Talk and screening


Banned in two continents after its release, Bed and Sofa (Третья Мещанская) portrays the story of a ménage à trois in a communal apartment of the post-revolutionary Moscow.

Made in 1927, Bed and Sofa is still visually and thematically appealing and capable of inciting a very interesting discussion in the line of 1920s Soviet Russia, the NEP’s effects on society and culture, and the role of women over time.

The screening will take place on February 24th at 6pm, and will be followed by a panel discussion with Professor Julian Graffy, Dr Margherita Sprio and artist Maria Kapajeva.

Julian Graffy is Professor of Russian Literature and Cinema at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, UCL. He has written widely on Russian literature and film, concentrating on figures as diverse as Gogol, Protazanov and Chapaev. In 2001 he published ‘Bed and Sofa: The Film Companion‘. His current research project, nearing completion, is a book entitled ‘Through a Russian Prism: Representing Foreigners in a Century of Russian Film’. During his time at SSEES, Graffy consolidated the Russian film collection which has become one of the most extensive outside of Russia and which has recently been named in his honour.

Maria Kapajeva is a Russian artist from Estonia based in London. She has received the British Council PMI2 Award twice, as well as been shortlisted for The Title Art Prize in 2013, and was commissioned by The Photographers’ Gallery for The World in London in 2012. Maria’s work has been exhibited internationally, including in a recent show at the Harn Art Museum (Gainesville, USA). Alongside her artistic practice, Maria also teaches at University for the Creative Arts at Farnham and works as an editor for two platforms: Global Archive Photography (GAP) and fotofolios. Maria is currently involved in research project on women in photography which will culminate in a conference at Tate Modern in 2015.

Dr Margherita Sprio is a Senior Lecturer in the Photography and Film department of the University of Westminster. Having studied at Goldsmiths and The Slade School of Art, she moved from making photographic and film works to writing and teaching about film and visual culture. She currently works on film practice and theory as well as the relationship of film theory to photography, contemporary art and philosophy. Her current book project, Migrant Memories: Cultural History, Cinema and the Italian Post-War Diaspora in Britain (Peter Lang, 2013), focuses on the relationship between film, cultural memory, and migrant audience consumption. Dr Sprio has delivered numerous conference papers both nationally and internationally and regularly contributes to public lectures.

Feel free to join us at GRAD Gallery, as part of their exhibition “Soviet Posters of the Silent Screen“.

Please note that seats are limited. Admission is free, but please contact obskura@obskura.co.uk for booking!

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